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About Birth & Beyond Education

At Birth & Beyond Education, it is our passion to provide holistic educational support to parents on their journey through pregnancy, encompassing the antenatal and the postnatal periods. Through our classes, you will gain a deeper knowledge of the incredible transformation the female body undergoes through pregnancy and the postpartum period. Guiding you through what to expect during labour, birth and the fourth trimester, our aim is to empower you through knowledge to move into these next stages of your journey feeling confident and calm. We aspire to gently guide and encourage you through this time ensuring you have an enriching and positive experience.

We offer Antenatal classes and Calmbirth® Courses. Postnatal and breastfeeding support is also offered in the comfort of your own home. 

Our advice and approach to supporting you is individually tailored to assist you in making informed decisions on what is most suitable for you and your journey. With our programs, we work to accommodate specific support and educational needs you may have. We understand the personal and varying nature of birth and pregnancy, taking both past and present experiences into consideration when guiding you. We offer programs to suit all pregnancies, not only your first.For more information on services provided please be in contact. We would love to work alongside you to enrich your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

About Lucy

Lucy is a Registered Midwife from Bath, England. Having completed her Midwifery training at the prestigious City University in London between 2006 – 2009, she went on to do her preceptorship year at a large NHS University Hospital in East London where she held a rotational position working between the low risk midwifery led birthing unit, the high risk obstetric unit and the ante and postnatal wards. Lucy then moved into the Community setting, where she ran a low risk midwifery clinic for pregnancy, provided postnatal care in the home setting and attended many home births alongside the Home Birth Midwifery Team. Having delivered over 1500 babies in her ten years as a Registered Midwife, Lucy’s care and compassion has led her to positively impact women and their families.

Education is Lucy’s real drive within midwifery. Through her career she has mentored student and junior midwives and developed and implemented Antenatal education programmes within the hospital setting, teaching hundreds of couples prepare for labour, birth and parenting.

Breastfeeding support and promotion is of great interest to Lucy, and through her hospital role, Lucy works closely with Lactation specialists to create and guide mothers with individualised feeding plans.

When an opportunity for an overseas midwifery role arose in 2014, Lucy ventured here to Australia taking a position at the Mater Private Hospital working across all areas of Maternity: Birth unit, the Post Natal ward and the Education Team utilizing her diverse range of midwifery skills.

Five years on, Lucy is a Citizen and Australia is now home.

Lucy’s love for education has grown through her career, leading her to complete her Calmbirth®’ Educator Training this year. It is in this training that Lucy has developed a great interest in the mind- body connection during labour providing the foundation for the educational support Lucy has to offer.

From here, Birth & Beyond Education was born, a platform to provide education and guidance beyond a hospital setting and into the community, preparing couples for the journey into parenthood. Childbirth is both personal and unpredictable and Lucy aims to provide evidence-based information, leaving couples confident to take control of their birthing experience, and feeling prepared no matter the experience on the day.

Lucy provides Calmbirth® Classes in small groups in private, safe and comfortable spaces, mimicking that of the birthing environment. They are held at yoga studios in the Eastern Suburbs and on the Northern Beaches. 

She also provides Calmbirth® Classes on a private basis in the comfort of your own home. She aims to bring like-minded couples together to interact, learn from each other and form friendships, but also respects and understands that private in-home classes suit some. 

About Calmbirth®

The Calmbirth® Programme was founded by the well-known Midwife and Psychiatric Nurse Peter Jackson in 2004. It draws on research from neuroscience, psychology, midwifery and epigenetics and uses extensive understanding of the relaxation response and its influences on birth. Today, the Calmbirth® programme continues to be updated in collaboration with experts, including a range of birthing education and mind-body specialists which ensures the programme continues to address the needs of birthing couples, at both an emotional and physical level. 

The knowledge and skills imparted at Calmbirth® classes have empowered many couples to embrace and surrender to their approaching birth experience with a new understanding, increased confidence and with a sense of fearlessness. 

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